1945 Pauline Suite D

The studio is located within the “Pauline Plaza” The plaza consists of 5 buildings. We are located in the 2 story brown brick one in the back of the lot.

There are no signs for individual business in the plaza. The addresses are on the “Pauline Plaza” signs at each entrance

The studio is in the lower level across from Peaceful Dragon School of Tai Chi

The plaza looks like apartments especially when it is dark.

There are 2 entrances to our plaza located on Pauline close to Stadium across from Comerica bank entrance.

Please look at the addresses and not rely on GPS. It will take you to condos


There are no bathrooms within our studio. There are 2 sets of bathrooms on every floor.

Quiet voices throughout the studio is appreciated so all visiting can enjoy a relaxing environment.

Talking on cell phone is prohibited inside the studio.

If you must take a call please do so upstairs in the main area as to not disrupt Tai Chi across the hall.


Once in the studio, please have a seat in one of the chairs in the main hall and your therapist will be out shortly.

Please do not wander the studio for the safety of the guests and staff.

Thank you