Woman getting thai stretching massageTraditional Thai Bodywork   

60 Minutes – $85          90 Minutes – $100          120 Minutes – $115

Traditional Thai Bodyworkequally involves stretching and compression along the energy (Sen) lines to ease muscle and joint tension.


foot massage by wood stick for noseThai Foot Reflexology  

45 Minutes $45       60 Minutes $60

First a soak in a salt foot bath before points on the foot are stimulated by a smooth wooden stick to help facilitate energy movement

Depositphotos_74442209_s-2015Thai Herbal Face Treatment

 60 Minutes $70

This treatment uses healing herbs straight from Thailand as well as other organic oils and vegetables.

Bez názvu / UntitledThai Abdominal Treatment  

60 Minutes  $70

This treatment helps stimulate blocked energy in the belly as well as relieve tension. Thai herbal balms, oils, and compresses are used to help facilitate deeper relaxation. See more