Yoga Info

1.) Try your best to arrive early for class so that you may have time to unroll your mat and relax before class starts. Doors open between 5-10 minutes before class. If you are coming to a  Saturday Evening or Sunday class please text the studio at 734-531-8259 to get the door code

2.) Wear clean clothes and bring a clean towel.

3.) Refrain from wearing heavy cologne or fragrance

4.) Leave your cell phone outside of the studio. Please, disconnect from your device… you will be a happier yogi for it.

5.) Honor your body: only do what you can and modify when necessary. Let your teacher know if you are injured or are dealing with a personal issue that may require certain adjustments or modifications to your practice.

6.) Child’s pose is your friend. If you have lost control of your breath or simply need to regroup, find child’s pose on your mat. You don’t have to wait for the teacher to suggest this.

7.) If you must leave early, please do so before final relaxation or savasana (the last posture) of the class. Just let the teacher know that you need to leave and that way you aren’t disturbing anyone’s final moments of silence.

8.) Leave your shoes outside the studio.

9.) Our studio can be hard to find. Please use google maps to locate us before leaving for your first class. We are on Pauline between Stadium and Maple. Across from Comerica bank entrance. We are in a plaza called “Pauline Plaza”. We are located in the 2 story brown brick building in the back of the lot.
“Is it ok to eat before I practice yoga?”

10.) Most of our classes remain the same week after week but at times we may alter them for holidays, school breaks etc. Please check schedule often.

11.) Please avoid eating a large meal right before you practice yoga. A small meal or snack (a piece of fruit, almonds, smoothie) 2-3 hours before class is ideal. As always, you need to listen to your body and the specific dietary needs you may have. Eating too much or too little before practice can often lead to nausea, fatigue and light-headedness. It is best to consume ample amounts of water before and after your yoga practice.

12.) It is recommended to bring your own mat for hygiene purposes. We do have limited amount of mats to borrow.

13.) You do not have to sign in for class, But please check the schedule before you leave for a class in case a class is cancelled for any reason. It will be taken off the schedule or a bulletin will be on the front page.

14.) New to yoga? Our Friday evening free flow is free. It is a non lead class with an instructor present as a way to practice or learn about yoga