Bodywork need to knows

Bodywork and at Metta studio is different than what you may see everyday.

The bodywork at Metta Studio is Thai based.

Thai bodywork can be described as having someone do yoga for you. During this work you will also have your energy lines worked on by the therapist using their feet, palms, elbows, thumbs, and knees. Certain spots can be more tender than others as well as certain poses can be more intense than others.

Thai Reflexology is done using a wooden stick to stimulate reflex points on the foot. Certain points can be more tender and possibly ticklish!

Thai Abdominal treatment combines energy work and herbal compresses. Herbs straight from Thailand are used.

If you are sensitive or allergic to herbs let the therapist know ahead of time as to make the compress without certain herbs. This treatment is also done on the belly. This can be very sensitive to some even if there are no health issues present.

This treatment is not advisedĀ if you have any infection in the stomach area, pregnancy, during menstruation, stomach area cancer or surgery in last 2 years, tumors, cysts, fibroids in the belly.

Thai herbal Face treatment combines acupressure as well as Thai herbs straight from Thailand to give the face a much needed treatment. Please let the therapist know if you have any sensitivity to herbs, vegetable, honey, or coconut oil.

Cupping treatment can cause spots that look like bruises and may take several days to disappear. There are some contraindications to consider as well. If you have any of the following it is best to not receive cupping.

broken bones or dislocations

slipped disks

cancer treatments

sunburn or inflamed skin


Being Dehydrated.

Bleeding disorders Psoriasis, Eczema, or Rosacea. Can work around those areas.

I currently do not do cupping at any stage of pregnancy