Scheduling & Hours

Please read in entirety before making an appointment request

“How do I schedule?”

email at Please copy/paste and answer the following information in the email

  • Which service is it for? Be specific.
  • What days/times or certain dates are best. (See my schedule below) *Currently booked 1-3 weeks out*
  • When does your groupon expire.
  • Your phone number. Cell preferably

We will send over a few selections to choose from. We will block those for 24 hours till we hear back and then move on to the next client


“What are your hours?”

  • September 7th, 2016-June 18th, 2017 the studio is open Tuesday through Friday 9-4.


“Does your availability change?”

Summer opens up some Saturday and evening hours. . If you work 9-5 please be sure to schedule during Summer hours. As the expiration grows near we will get busier. Thank you


“Why don’t you answer the phone”?

We do not have a receptionist nor a good signal in my studio.  We will most likely email you by the end of the day, in the order of received. Email is the fastest way to get a hold of us.


“My GROUPON is expiring, what do I do”?

Make contact with us before the expiration date and we will honor it after if we do not have time to see you before.


“Why are you so booked up”?

We have GROUPON clients, regular clients, and teach Yoga at the studio. We balance them evenly and see only so many a week of each. We also can get VERY busy when GROUPON emails clients to remind them their GROUPONS are expiring. If yours is expiring, chances are many others are too and everyone is trying to get in at once. In this scenario the wait could be a month.

“I am in a lot of pain, can you please squeeze me in”?

Unfortunately unless you are a client that is on our weekly schedule I cannot. If you have an issue needing immediate attention and you are not a regular client you may be best to go to another clinic in town. Bodyworkers are all different with different specialties. It is a good idea to research your therapist just like you would a doctor and make the best decision based on your needs. Our philosophy is geared more towards maintenance and taking care of your body on a regular basis through bodywork and yoga.


“I bought 2 GROUPONS for different services, can I use them both”?

No, they are one per person, share with a friend or family member or call GROUPON for a refund. No exceptions.


“I bought a GROUPON” for myself and a friend, can we come in the same time”?

No, we only have therapists who specialize in certain services. We also most likely cannot do back to back or same day as we usually only have 90 minute spots open at a time and need breaks in between. Our services are rigorous and involve heat which leave us needing to rest in between.


“My GROUPON says Thai Herbal Compress, can I get a Hot Stone instead”?

No, all of the services are very different and different prices. The Menu page has descriptions. Your service you sign up for cannot be changed when you arrive due to different setup times for each. You are more than welcome to buy a different service through us and use your groupon later. Just let us know if you plan on doing this.


“Where are you”?

We are at 1945 Pauline Suite D. GPS and such tend to not be accurate. We are the 3rd and 4th entrances on the left once you have turned onto Pauline from Stadium.


“What if I am running late, will I get my full service”?

Call us before you are late at 734-834-8424. Give us some time to answer as we may be with someone or have to go outside to answer due to no signal in my studio. If we do not answer, PLEASE leave a message. You will only get your full service if I have nothing scheduled after you.

“What if I forget my appointment”?

If you are a no-show, no-call before your appointment, your Groupon will be forfeited. You may reschedule for an additional fee of $15 for time therapist spent traveling to office/babysitter/other session that could have been scheduled in its place.

“Is there some sort of preparation for Bodywork”?

Yes, you may refer to the important information page.

Also no heavy perfume or cologne, or smoking before the session. Both therapists have asthma and it will make us feel bad and could hinder our performance


“What about paperwork?

Here is the link to the intake form. You can do it now or when you come in to office. You are more than welcome to elaborate on anything in the form while we talk in person


“Whats up with traffic”?

We live in Michigan.  Check it before you leave as there will always be at least one detour on your journey.