Class Descriptions

Metta Restore (Not Groupon Eligible)


  Our Metta Restore classes are beginner friendly. The idea for them originated out of one on one traditional Thai Yoga Massage as a way for more clients to receive sessions at a lower cost by holding classes. The classes will have more than one healer if the class is full. This will provide each student to allow plenty of hands on assists, stretching, and acupressure. Classes may include breathing and meditation and some unassisted asanas. Each class focuses on a different area of the body and rotate weekly so if you are only able to make it to one weekly class, it will be different each time through the month. If you have a specific injury you would like to work on, please email instructor to find out which class or classes would be best.

 Metta Restore: Legs, Hips, & Feet

Metta Restore: Arms, Chest, & Shoulders

Metta Restore: Low backs and Bellies (contraindications for this class include pregnancy, menstruation, eating within 2 hours)

Metta Restore: Shoulders, Neck, & Spine


Rue-Si Datton Yoga

Our Rue- Si Datton Yoga consists of breathing exercises, self-massage, acupressure, strengthening and stretching poses, and meditation. The class consists of 18 poses. Reusi Dat Ton we will inhale while going into the pose, hold the pose for several breaths, and then exhale when coming out of the pose. This is done to encourage the strong, healthy flow of Prana. This class can range from beginner to intermediate in terms of difficulty with poses and strength. Our class is warmed to the temperatures between 75-90 degrees.

Please contact us if you have any limitations due to surgeries or broken bones or major illnesses. This class has many poses requiring strength and leg balances. There are no arm balances or head stands.