Massage & Bodywork

60 Minute Ayurvedic Thai: $90
60 Minute Therapeutic Thai: $85
60 Minute Basic Thai: $80
60 Minute Thai Herbal Compress: $80
60 Minute Thai Reflexology: $60

60 Minute Herbal Face Massage: $70

60 Minute Thai Abdominal Massage: $70


Thai Yoga Bodywork

Ayurvedic Thai: This session will consist of the client filling out an initial questionnaire to determine their
main Ayurvedic Dosha. The therapist will then design a session around balancing and harmonizing the individual.
Sessions will consist of assisted yoga movements, compression, and essential oils.

Therapeutic Thai: This session is based on the clients needs if they are experiencing a specific illness. The sessions consists of assisted yoga movements, compressions, and acupressure.

Basic Thai: This session is tailored around the whether the client has any limitations. Basic Thai stretches and compressions are used to balance the body and relax the mind.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage: This session is done as an addition to a Swedish Table Massage. Healing herbs are wrapped in a steamed compress and rolled or pressed on sore areas of the body. Compresses are made in studio prior to session.

Thai Reflexology: Points on the feet that correspond to the organs in the body will be stimulated with rounded wooden stick to facilitate energy flow.

Thai Herbal Face Massage: This massage uses healing herbs straight from Thailand as well as soothing tomato and cucumber. The face is fully massaged from top to bottom as well as energy points stimulated on the head. While herbs and cucumbers absorb into skin and rest the neck, arms, hands and feet will be massaged

Thai Abdominal Massage: This massage stimulates blocked energy in the belly as well as helping release tension. Therapist uses Thai Herbal Compress steamed on the belly to help warm and ready the belly for work. Therapist starts gently and works way to deeper pressure as much as client body allows. This treatment is best done several times a week to start and taper off in frequency as client feels sense of renew. Thai herbal balms and oil is used to facilitate deeper relaxation. This massage is best done in a series. The first visit will be gentle and get to know your belly. The next few visits can be deeper as the body will allow it. Very recommended to have treatments done close together.