About Metta

Hi there


I am Kelli. I run Metta Studio which consists of the bodywork sessions, bodywork training, and stretch classes. I also own Peace, Love, and Happy Feet. You can now find everything all in one place. I am still located at 1945 Pauline Suite D. Come on down and head in towards the yoga studio and that is where I will be.

I am happy to announce that there are 6 other healers in the studio now. You can find all about themĀ here.


I have always been a fan of movement, stretching and bodywork. I grew up dancing and was a self taught gymnast with handmade equipment by my dad. I started doing yoga 25 years ago. My first class was Iyengar. It created the foundation for my love of assisted stretching and bodywork.

Prior to my career as a professional bodyworker you could find me hiking, reading, stretching, dancing, nannying, flipping, traveling, diving, and meditating for hours on end.

I decided to become a bodyworker as a career after realizing I was unable to follow my passion of becoming a Divemaster and an underwater archaeologist due to my malfunctioning ears. Unfortunately there are times where I am unable to even do certain yoga poses because of this problem.

I started massage school here in Ann Arbor at Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2006. A couple years later I decided to venture to Thailand to learn Thai Bodywork. That created an obsession for me. Combining my love of assisted yoga and massage!!

Once again I had found my passion.

It is hard to narrow down which aspect of Thai Bodywork I love the most. I have trained in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Montreal in Northern Thai, Southern Thai, Thai Herbal Facials, Thai Herbal Compress, Karen Hill Tribe Abdominal Massage, Thai reflexology, Thai Ayurveda, and Rue-Si Datton.

If you have any questions about any of my sessions or classes, please email me. I would love to set you up with a session that would benefit you the most.